Frequently Asked Questions

Special needs.

Should you have any special needs, it is advisable to mention those when you book a taxi. For example, if you need a taxi for 5-8 passengers, you want to send parcel or documents, etc, you have a pet with you, you wish to travel a longer distance, etc.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking if taxi is not yet on the way. If a taxi has already accepted your booking and is on the way, the base fare and elapsed waiting should be paid accordingly.

Can I book a taxi to whichever address?

You should be able to give dispatcher a clear address where you are. Street name and number of house is best. Well known buildings such as stations, hotels, Tamperetalo, etc suffice the name.

If the building is big with many entrances you should be able to specify which entrance you are on.

You should avoid crossings. Check a number of a nearby house and book taxi there.

We do not send a taxi to a busstop since they are not in our database. Check the streetname, number of a nearby building, and book taxi there.

How many passengers does a taxi take?

Ordinary sedans and estates/station wagons/breaks take a
maximum of four passengers. There are also minivans which
take a maximum of eight passengers. The amount of minivans is limited though, so in peak hours you should be ready to accept two sedans instead, if we can't provide a minivan to your booking.

Taking more than mentioned four or eight passengers into a taxi is strictly prohibited by law in Finland, so a taxi can never take any extra passengers, not even for a short trip.

Small children are also counted as one person each, since by law every passenger has to have his/her own seatbelt, regardless of age.

Children in taxi?

Children in taxi?

Taxis, as an exemption, are allowed to transport even small children using seatbelts on the backseat.

However, there are also safety seats for children in the dispatching center, (which is located near Tampere University Hospital and Ice hall), should the parents wish to have one used. In this case taxi is entitled to start charging the trip at dispatching center and from there on.

Also, extra time is needed to pick up the safety seat and then arrive to the address in question.

Taxi and pets?

Pets are mostly welcome into taxis. However, there are drivers who are not able to stay in same space with an animal. Therefore it should be mentioned every time if you have a pet with you.

There is a surcharge of 2,80€ for dogs.

Does a taxi take big items within?

Should you have bigger than usually things with you, like musical instruments, skis, etc., remember to describe the size and shape of the item/items to dispatcher, so a station wagon or a minivan can be sent to you accordingly.

There is a surcharge of 2,80€ for extra big items.

How quickly should a taxi arrive?

A dispatcher is not able to give you an accurate estimate of when taxi arrives.

However, we usually are able to respond rather quickly so it is advisable to be ready after the booking.

Prebookings have a very high priority in our system, so taxi usually is waiting in advance at the address.

Can I book in advance?

Yes, you can make a prebooking provided it happens at least 30 minutes in advance. Minivan shall be booked at least 60 minutes in advance. If you have a train, bus or flight to catch early in the morning, it is advisable to book the night before.

During greater holidays, (Christmas, Midsummer), prebooking is allowed only for connection trips for travelers and to trips from/to work.

If you are leaving from a restaurant, prebooking is not possible.

There is a surcharge of 7€ on prebookings.

Prebookings have a very high priority in our system, so taxi usually is waiting in advance at the address. However, taximeter is not set on until the time given within the booking.

If the taxi is not waiting at the address at the time given by you, call dispatching center immediately.

What happens to items left in to a taxi?

What happens to items left in to a taxi?

Taxis leave the goods left in to a taxi either in to the bureau of missing goods at police station, telephone 0295 415092 or private Pirkanmaan löytötavaratoimisto telephone 0600 300758 during three work days.

Always ask a receipt of your taxi trip since there is the telephone number of the taxi in question in the receipt. That way you can immediately check directly from that taxi whether your missing items were left in to taxi.

The responsibility of taxi dispatching center.

Taxi dispatching center is responsible of dispatching trips to taxis.

Taxi driver, by accepting the trip offered, is responsible of taking care of the trip in question and serving the customer accordingly.

All the calls to and from dispatching center are recorded for the safety and protection of dispatchers as well as customers.

Dispatching center cannot be held responsible for delays caused by force majeure reasons like rush hour, extreme weather, and the likes.

I had problems with my taxi trip. What can I do?

You can send an informal claim to All the claims are thoroughly investigated by our taxi inspector.

Your claim will be answered as quickly as possible.

Always remember to ask the receipt of your taxi trip! It makes things a lot easier to solve with the information in the receipt.